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Starting Again

Over the last few years I've built a website for my business, and another for my personal use. I was especially proud of my business site. It had gone through many different versions and designs as I learned how to use the program and what I actually needed. There were entire days that I spent building and researching and writing for my website. 
Then, earlier this year, my hosting account was hacked and my websites were automatically disabled. After communicating with my hosting service (::cough cough:: Bluehost) on several different occasions, it soon became clear that I was being scammed. A quick google search found that many other people had endured similar treatment. Essentially, I was told that there was malware on my site and that I needed to buy expensive security software to fix it. If I wanted to manually remove the malware, they were happy to give me a report of all the affected pages. However, that list was incomplete and constantly changing. I spent hours upon hours m…

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