adios church, hello future

[EDIT: This was posted in 2015, long before I realized that Young Living is a scam. While I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn about essential oils, I do not support any multi-level marketing scheme]

Life post-Target has been pretty great. With the exception, of course, of almost the first month.

I'd been quite taken with the church I started going to. In fact, that Spiritualist church was the first church I ever felt totally comfortable at. Don't get me wrong--I didn't love every aspect of it, but it certainly was the closest thing to a perfect community religious experience that I'd ever found.

However, some douchefuck came in and started manipulating people. He was clearly driven by his own ego, and I assume he's either accomplished nothing in his life or he has a micro penis because taking complete ownership of a tiny church in Rochester seemed to be his life goal. By the time I figured out his motives, I was too late. I politely made him aware of all the policies and bylaws he had broken, and he responded by talking shit about me and then kicking me off the board of trustees. Awesome.

I'm pretty much over telling this story because this dude makes me so mad, but, suffice to say that he got what he wanted (for the time being anyway), and I will no longer be going to that church. These kinds of people make me sick.

But all of this happened over the course of about a month, and it was extremely stressful. As stressful as my job at Target, as a matter of fact. So I'm not exactly broken up about letting it go.

The truth is that the church filled a spiritual void I've had in me for most of my life. And that felt amazing. But, I can now see the gift of that jerk's actions: once the church was effectively taken away from me, I realized that I didn't need to rely on it anymore. It had taught me how to sustain myself. And for that I am eternally grateful.


I'm now attending private mediumship and healing development circles, and I'm thinking about starting my own groups! I'm really interested in meditation, yoga, and psionics right now. So keep an eye out for group invitations on Facebook. You may remember that my life coach suggested that I need to create a community instead of looking for one--so here we go!

In my last post I mentioned that I've started to get back into essential oils. And it's been so fun! I have always loved oils! I've always been fascinated by the idea that plant matter can be distilled into an oil and still retain the qualities of the plant (mostly the scent!). Over the years, however, I began to move away from the smell-good oils of my past. The cost was prohibitive, and the warnings found on the labels really freaked me out. If I can make a tea out of lavender, why can't I ingest Aura Cacia lavender oil? What the heck is in the oil? It was only on a whim that I signed up for Young Living oils and reignited my aroma-passion. I was thrilled to find that Young Living recommends that many of their oils be used internally- in small doses, of course! They even sell empty capsules so you can blend your own dietary supplements.

all my oils--and a crystal ball!

Young Living can be a business, much like Avon or Mary Kay, or it can just be a wholesale membership, with the minimum yearly purchase being $50 to maintain membership. I didn't join with the idea that this business would sustain me (since I've had super bad luck with other network marketing schemes), but I wanted access to the high-quality oils they offered, and, frankly, they didn't seem like a skeezy company at all.

literally my favorite thing ever

I've had amazing experiences with the oils I've received, and I've gotten great customer service whenever I've had an issue (ok, I've only had one issue with them!). Frequently I put a drop of lemon oil in my water, or a drop of peppermint in my herbal tea--both to help with digestion and liver function. I usually put a drop or two of something soothing on my chest and wrists before I go to bed, and I use my diffuser every day in my office. I've been so in love with all of it that I made my own blends of oils and gave them to my family for Christmas (in the form of aromatherapy spritz bottles).You can see the blends I made and currently offer for sale under the "essential oils" tab.

this one's my favorite

Essential oils are just one more tool I'm adding to my medicine cabinet. Between my herbal teas and tinctures, my reiki and energy work, and now my oils, I'm maintaining a fairly upbeat and healthy lifestyle with minimal use of over-the-counter modern medicine. Which, by the way, isn't bad or wrong to use. My goal isn't to avoid modern medicine, I just want to use it only when I can't heal myself with the help of nature.

I've been out of work (with Target, that is) for just around forty days at this point. There have been some ups and downs, but it's important to remember that the end of on this is always the beginning of something else. Even though leaving church was painful, I now finally feel like I'm in charge of my life. I feel more free than ever to dig into my old passions. I wonder what I'll start next! Maybe I'll learn all about crystals? Shamanism? Who knows! (This is totally rad).

If you're interested in my oil blends or in Young Living, please check out the "Essential Oils" tab at the top of the page. If you're interested in reiki or spiritual/energetic healing, just know that my office will smell sublime during your appointment :)


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