You're in the right place! The old site was hacked, so please hang tight while we rebuild.

My old website, hosted on Bluehost and built by Wordpress, was hacked by some pretty serious malware over the course of late 2016 and 2017. Despite spending several days manually removing malicious code from my site, Bluehost refuses to reactivate my website until I purchase an expensive security package. I'm not one to be bullied into anything, so while I work on ways to get my websites active again (to make it easier to export them and save them), I'll be utilizing this Blogger site. I'm also trying to investigate inexpensive or free hosting options for the permanent virtual residence of Zu Foos.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions, I'd be thrilled to hear them! This is absolutely a The Tower moment. That tarot card is one of my favorites; it means that everything I've built is falling down (in this case, my website), but it's only falling down because the foundation was flawed. This opportunity, though not particularly welcome, is the perfect time to rebuild and make sure it's done right from the get go. So here we go!

By the way, if you had made purchases through Zufoos.com you don't have anything to worry about. The actual purchase was done through PayPal, so I was never in possession of your credit card information. 

UPDATE 12/15/2017
I wrote a little about how the website loss and reconstruction are making me feel on my personal blog. Check it out :)


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