Starting Again

Over the last few years I've built a website for my business, and another for my personal use. I was especially proud of my business site. It had gone through many different versions and designs as I learned how to use the program and what I actually needed. There were entire days that I spent building and researching and writing for my website. 

Then, earlier this year, my hosting account was hacked and my websites were automatically disabled. After communicating with my hosting service (::cough cough:: Bluehost) on several different occasions, it soon became clear that I was being scammed. A quick google search found that many other people had endured similar treatment. Essentially, I was told that there was malware on my site and that I needed to buy expensive security software to fix it. If I wanted to manually remove the malware, they were happy to give me a report of all the affected pages. However, that list was incomplete and constantly changing. I spent hours upon hours manually removing malware and was given a new and different list of affected files every time I completed. Frequently the list of files included ones I had already cleaned or others that I had deleted completely. This wasn't a battle I was going to win. 

So, I mourned the loss of my work. In an instant it was all gone; a theme that has come through my life many times and that has caused me to develop a rather buddhistic outlook on life. Whenever everything was swept out from under me I would mourn for a moment, and then look forward to starting fresh. Life is all impermanence, so I might as well embrace it. 

So now I find myself here, on Blogger, rebuilding my virtual home. I'm able to access most of the text and images from my old websites (though it's really a huge pain to do so), but when it comes to my personal blog and website, I'm almost happy to let it go. It's a new opportunity to build the foundation that I want. 

another "tower moment"

I've always found The Tower to be an incredibly positive and hopeful tarot card. Sure, the tower is falling down, but only because the foundation sucked. Now that the smoke is clearing you can finally rebuild your foundation and do it right this time. Here's to new beginnings! 

Last time I built a web presence I was so preoccupied with what I should do. I immediately spent a bunch of money on hosting and spent countless hours building an online store, when, really, this was all way more than I needed. Sure, Blogger isn't as pretty as my Wordpress site, but that's ok. I don't need a super fancy website. I just need a home base. The color of the walls isn't the important part, what's actually on the page is what matters. 


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