The 10 of Swords, or, embrace your own spiritual death

 As part of my semi-regular daily ritual, I shuffle a tarot or oracle deck while silently repeating, "tell me what I need to know today." I use the insight I gain from whatever card I drew to guide my thoughts and actions throughout the day and beyond. 

Today I used the Thoth Tarot, a deck by infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, and drew the 10 of Swords:

Crowley titled it "Ruin." 

We can see a bright orange and yellow field, suggesting an explosion, or at least, fire. In the field are 12 8-pointed stars. In the foreground are nine swords, each being thrust into a 10th sword, causing it to break apart. 

The hilts of the swords give us clues to the meaning. Justice, magic/time, religion, and the basic concept of duality all attack a center sword with a hilt that looks suspiciously like the heart of Christ. 

Immediately I thought of cycles and the endless repetition of nature. 8 and 3 (1+2) are referenced with the stars in the background, and those numbers made me think about creation, cycles, nature, and universal structure. 

The Heart of Christ represents the love of Christ for all humanity, divine love. I interpret this symbol here to represent one's spiritual life. That sword represents my connection to All That Is. 

This card is telling me that the only way to ensure a healthy and holistic connection to the divine is to constantly kill it. 

If you rely on only one system for long periods of time, you will inevitably start to think you're especially good at it (mediumship, magick, tarot, healing, etc) and that will invigorate your ego, an action that only pushes you farther away from spiritual connection. 

To keep the connection free from your own ego, you must constantly kill the ego, the spiritual Self. The goal here isn't faith. It's knowledge. 

Always be learning. When new knowledge challenges your world view, asks you to question yourself, you will grow. 

Be a scientist. Try to disprove yourself. Find the Truth. 


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