Professional Cuddling

what is this?

Professional cuddling is a fairly new concept. Essentially, the idea is that you and I get together to cuddle, to touch each other, and to exist in a cocoon of trust for a bit. We can meet at my place or yours and we can talk, watch tv, nap, or plenty of other things.

Here's the truth: human beings need to be touched and to touch other people. In an age of hook up apps and social media (not to mention an ongoing global pandemic), platonic touch is becoming harder and harder to find.

"I'm sorry, do you want me to pay for cuddling?"

In short, yes. The idea here is that you and I are creating a professional relationship (not that different from therapy or coaching) in which space is created for intimacy in a way that is largely unavailable to most people. This isn't something that would suit every person, hence professional cuddling still being a fairly niche thing. If you aren't sure if this would be something that would be of use to you, reach out to me! I'd love to chat with you :)


I'm Nick. 34, gay, mostly asexual, white, thicc (250 pounds), 5'9", and slightly hairy. I have a patchy beard and a buzzed dome. Hazel-brown eyes, a couple tattoos, and am very good at hugs.


I live in downtown Rochester New York and am happy to host you at my apartment. If you live in the city, or right outside it, we may be able to meet at your place, too!


When we meet to cuddle, expect clear and open communication about what you want to happen and what you may be dealing with in your life. My only goal is to provide you with the physical support you need.

how this works

First of all, contact me. You can email me (nick.foos [at] gmail [dot] com) or text me (315 573 3861). Don't call me because I hate talking on the phone and literally will not answer.

After we talk a bit, we will schedule a time to meet in a public place. This can be in a park, coffee shop, etc. We will talk about what we are and are not comfortable with, goals for our sessions, where we will meet, etc. We will also go over some new client paperwork (while I respect your need for discretion, I do require multiple ways to contact you. If I get covid or something I need to have a way to let you know).

Once everything is good, we'll set a date to meet and cuddle. Sessions are, at a minimum, an hour. You are free to ask for additional time while we are cuddling and if I'm able to, I'll be happy to keep cuddling.

Payment can be handled before or after the session via Cashapp, Venmo, or I can accept a credit card via Square. I accept cash, but definitely prefer a card.

Services and Costs

Standard Cuddling - $60 per hour
One hour of cuddling. Every additional hour is $60.

Cuddling + Reiki - $100 for one hour
In this session, cuddling will be supplemented with the transfer of reiki energy. Cuddling may be more intense (think more pressure), and I will share with you any images, messages, or insights I gain while the energy is flowing. Because of the nature of this service, I can only do one hour at a time. If you want more cuddles after an hour of reiki cuddles, we can add standard cuddles at $60/hour.

frequently asked questions

Can we kiss? Cuddle naked? Have sex? Jerk off?

Maybe, yes, no, no.

I want to provide a space where you feel loved and valued, heard and respected. That may involve nudity and/or light kissing. This is extremely situation-sensitive and there is not a blanket answer that covers everyone.

However, the sessions will never include blatant sexuality, as that is hella not the point of these sessions. If you want to get off, download grindr, dude.

Can we do drugs?

I smoke weed (medical marijuana card holder hello) and would love to smoke with you.

I'm not comfortable with harder drugs than weed, and I need to be super clear in saying that any weed you smoke must be yours, and anything I smoke must be mine. I am not buying or selling any drugs of any kind.

Who will you cuddle with?

I am offering this service exclusively to men (self-identified). I feel that men suffer from outrageous emotional standards under the clutches of patriarchy in this country (and much of the world) and they need a special and safe space where they can experience touch and human contact in a way that is not sexualized.

When you and I get together to cuddle, you don't need to worry about your body, the size of your dick, your back hair, or anything else. In this time that we are together, you and I get to exist on equal ground, and you can be assured that you are enough and that you are safe.

Got more questions?

Contact me! Email or text ONLY.

nick.foos [at] gmail [dot] com

(315 573 3861)