the queer forest wizard


hey i'm nick (he/him/they/them). i'm a weird hermit who sometimes makes stuff and who sometimes writes and who often doesn't want to talk to anyone. 

what is a queer forest wizard? it's exactly what it sounds like. i'm queer (gay/asexual), i forever crave the quiet perfection of the forest, and, of course, i'm a wizard, spending as much time as possible drifting between realms of reality, of actuality, and attempting to gnow. 

i specialize in radical silence. that is, in connecting and communicating with other bits of matter in a way that transcends sounds, words... transcends language entirely. is that helpful to anyone? it's not for me to say. but it's pretty fun. 

all services and projects linked from this webpage are based in silence. silence, in at least some small dose, is essential to healing, to loving, and to growing. 

all that being said, i'd love to experience a connection with you if you're looking for platonic cuddling, if you're looking for truth in the esoteric, or if you're a fellow wizard lost in the woods. 

A white phone case on a white background. On the white phone case is, in black, the word "faggot." The letter F is stylized and extended below the other letters, ending in a point.

every once in a while i make some digital art and slap it on a variety of different objects and, because of them, you can let everyone know you're a straight up faggot every time you check your phone. 

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