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cuddle with me

 2020 has been just a complete dumpster fire of a year. While the list of injustices and crimes against humanity is too long to list in passing, I want to talk about a fairly overlooked issue that is sweeping over the population of the United States.  Moving into a year of pandemic behavior guidelines, many of us are touch-deprived to say the least. Men, especially, are effected by this because they are largely living in a social system that does not allow for emotional or physical connection at all. Many men want to feel close with their friends or family in a non-sexual way, but don't have the tools to get there. Especially  for men who aren't queer, this can be an insurmountable obstacle.  Straight and closeted men often feel like they can't or shouldn't touch other people for a variety of reasons. Because of the sexualization of our society, and the portrayal of crime and abuse in the media, men can feel like giving a friend a hug is an inadvertently sexual advance,

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