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mushrooms and existential depression

 Yesterday I took a low "tripping" dose of magic mushrooms for the first time. In the past I've micro-dosed on shrooms and found it quite pleasant. I took the dose, went out to a park, and just laid back and looked up at the leaves moving in the wind. I felt at peace and connected to nature in some subtle way that I can't really describe. Being that I'm always looking to explore different aspects of reality, I jumped at the chance to buy a mushroom edible.  The dose I bought was one edible (tasted like milk chocolate, which, being that i'm vegan is not ideal but whatever) that contianed 1.25 grams of dried mushrooms. I had read that a typical trip could last 6-8 hours, so I ate it not long after I woke up, about 8:45 am.  The first two hours were alright. I felt calm, grounded, at ease, and surprisingly normal. Like, it felt like I was on my way to a trip, but never quite got there. It could be that I need a higher dose, or that taking an SSRI just makes it so

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