Nick Foos

This is where all my old blog posts have ended up. Several blogs became one.

Now, aside from being an archive, I typically use this space to ponder the nature of reality, the possibility of magick, and anything else, really.

I also have links to resources and recommendations here.

Zu Foos (a Germanic play on my last name meaning "On Foot") started as an attempt to leave the corporate world and make it on my own. I worked hard for several years promoting myself, traveling to fairs, buying advertising...

and I hated it. My micro business felt almost exactly like my old job, except I was working nonstop.

After years of tweaks and introspection, my online store has become a place where I sell things I make when I make them, and where I offer spiritual services online. It is, forever, a work in progress. You might not ever see something you liked again, but that's the nature of Zu Foos. It's about what makes sense to me in the moment.

Lately you can find small abstract works of art, wired jewelry, and experiments in book binding and paper.