the queer forest wizard

yo what up

hey i'm nick (he/him/they/them). i'm a weird hermit who sometimes makes stuff and who sometimes writes and who often doesn't want to talk to anyone.

i've spent my life looking for meaning in the world of spirit and magick. my family brought me up in that distinctly american agnostic way; we never went to church but i understood jesus and god to exist. even so, i always felt something was missing.

as a fairly young kid i spent time researching christianity, judaism, buddhism, and islam. they all spoke to me, but left me wanting. as a teen i discovered wicca, and it really felt like i was onto something. the ability to take my fate into my own hands by casting spells.

over time i was drawn in by spiritualism, a local religion that focuses on mediumship and energetic healing. add to that reiki and i was finding an even better fit.

a rift at the spiritualist church affected me so badly that i left spirituality almost completely for years and years. during the height of the pandemic i found myself drawn to gnosticism (a full circle back to christianity) and ancient wisdom traditions. Today my main focus is rosicrucianism. it feels like a way to connect with my german roots without the drama associated with my family tree.

all this is to say that i'm a mystic. i'm a wizard. i'm a seeker of truth. all i want to do is enmesh myself with divinity.

hey let's cuddle. it's chill and restorative and honestly, couldn't you use a hug?

A white phone case on a white background. On the white phone case is, in black, the word "faggot." The letter F is stylized and extended below the other letters, ending in a point.

every once in a while i make some digital art and slap it on a variety of different objects.

and, because of them, you can let everyone know you're a straight up faggot every time you check your phone.

COMING SOON: texts and classes

sometimes i talk about stuff and this is where i do it. literally just a dumping ground for feelings that are probably too personal to post publicly, investigations, recipes, and weird magickal stuff.

a personal project of mine in which I collect, list, and curate books, texts, and other digital items in one freely available website. if you're interested in esotericism, the occult, or anything that falls under those umbrellas, check out the archive and take out a book or two.